Typing in German using Microsoft Word

Typing in German using Microsoft Word

This presentation describes what you have to do before you can type in the German language on Microsoft Word. This presentation has 21 slides which will take about 45 minutes to present. The slides cover turning the spell checking off, installing the Fraktur fonts if you want them, and typing the accented letters and the German double-s.
The screen shots and instructions relate to Word 2007 running on Windows 7, but should be helpful to users of other versions too.
I tried a type of slide map that I haven't done before. The clickables don't work if you're viewing on Speaker Deck, but they work on the downloadable PDF. Click the arrow signs on the map to jump to a slide. Click the map ikon on some slides to return to the slide map.
Have fun with this deck. If you don't like it, have fun with a different deck.


Ken Johnson

November 02, 2019