It's All About Context

54c6acb1bc0e9be441a10378791f0cc5?s=47 Kevin Suttle
August 17, 2010

It's All About Context

Flash is everywhere now. On the desktop, in pockets, and even on TVs. The key to making your application uniquely valuable is to provide a consistent user experience by focusing on context. While we have the tools to create/author 80% of the code and interface, we must capitalize on the uniqueness of each device and platform to deliver an optimal experience that is mobilized, not minimized. Discover how screen resolution, portability, native interface controls, and use-case – the context of your app – dictate how the last 20% of the experience needs to be tailored. In this session, we’ll explore the new range of capabilities you should consider when planning to deploy applications across a variety of contexts including web (Flash Player 10.1), mobile (Android phone) and the litl OS.


Kevin Suttle

August 17, 2010