SO META: Metaprogramming for the Web

54c6acb1bc0e9be441a10378791f0cc5?s=47 Kevin Suttle
November 14, 2011

SO META: Metaprogramming for the Web

We’ve become comfortable. Our industry is growing up, and so are we (well, most of us). We’ve gotten into the same habits and same workflows, but is this enough for the multi-device, rapidly-iterating ‘One Web’ of today? Web development technologies and user contexts are evolving every day and are causing us to question our existing workflows. New meta-programming frameworks like SASS, CoffeeScript and HAML are causing us to revisit our best practices and make our code work for us, the way we’ve always wanted it to. We’ll take a look at each of these frameworks and how platforms like Ruby and Rails can be your co-pilots when creating web apps and sites. With automated tasks to support these new workflows, you’ll be more productive and efficient than ever, allowing you to focus on being creative and providing the best experience to your users. The web isn’t the same as it was just five years ago. The way we build it shouldn’t be either.


Kevin Suttle

November 14, 2011