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Introduction to Web Services (WCF)

Introduction to Web Services (WCF)

An simple introduction to Web Services and how to use them to create connected apps.

Konstantinos Goutsos

April 02, 2013

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  1. Introduction to Web Services And how to use them in

    your apps Konstantinos Goutsos Undergraduate student – ECE Department StudentGuru Patras Member
  2. What’s a Web Service? Most web applications use a Database

    to store their data and a Front-End to present it. The Web Service connects the Front-End to the Database enabling it to access stored data.
  3. Why are Web Services useful? Using an extra layer as

    a way to provide data to your app reduces complexity and improves maintainability Separating data from the front-end makes it easier to work with a team When done right, services are accessible from any platform as they are based on open standards
  4. Where have I used services?  Dynamic websites  Most

    mobile apps  Multiplayer games  Application Interfaces (APIs)  And every other application using dynamic content
  5. Demo outline We will add scoreboard support to the “Find

    the Number” app following these steps:  Create a database to store our data  Create a WCF Service to get/send data from our database  Use the service to connect the application to the database
  6. Get the complete code You can get the full project

    at: It’s GitHub repo http://bit.ly/findthenumber StudentGuru Patras Presentation Material sdrv.ms/16fmm0F