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The goal of this talk is to introduce computer programming and it's applications to the audience, and to motivate them to go ahead and just "do it"


Orjiewuru Kingdom Isaac

July 20, 2017


  1. 21st Century and Coding

  2. • Orjiewuru Kingdom • Software Engineer @ Andela • Twitter

  3. None
  4. What is computer programming (coding)? • Programming is telling a

    computer how to do certain things by giving it instructions. • These instructions are called programs. • A person who writes instructions is a computer programmer. • These instructions come in different languages; they are called programming languages.
  5. Why should you learn how to code? • Technology is

    everywhere • Improve your problem-solving and logic skills • It makes you better at what you already do • Coding know-how can lead to other (and often better) opportunities • Coding skills give you flexibility
  6. Efforts so far to help people learn how to code

    • CoderDojo • CodeLagos • TeenCode Africa
  7. What benefit have been seen thus far? • Career path

    • Impact ◦ Personal life ◦ Community
  8. Career paths • Web Development • Mobile Development • System

    Analysis • DevOps • Game Development • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  9. Applications of programming

  10. Home Automation Classroom Automation Industry Automation

  11. Questions?