Source-Diving for Fun and Profit

Source-Diving for Fun and Profit

Ever spent hours pouring over a gem's documentation trying to figure out how to make it work? Dug through dozens of blog posts trying to understand why a library's not working? Well what if I promised you an end to all that?!

Well, ok, I'd be lying. But maybe I can save you some hair-pulling some of the time! Let me introduce you to the joys of Reading the Code. Maybe it seems obvious to you, but one of the biggest leaps I made as a ruby dev was really getting comfortable jumping into a gem's source as a debugging technique.

In an effort to get you over that hump earlier than I did, let's talk tips and tricks for getting in and out of a library's codebase as efficiently as possible. It won't solve every problem, but sometimes 5 minutes on GitHub will save you hours on StackOverflow.


Kevin Kuchta

November 18, 2019