Deep Learning for Everyone (Rday Medellin)

Deep Learning for Everyone (Rday Medellin)

As a Data Scientist (or aspiring Data Scientist) we are overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge we need to have and acquire. Every day there is a new technique, a new framework, a new state of the art model. For the last few years, Deep Learning has become a hot topic and it is the main driver of many applications. But how can we start our Deep Learning journey? Which of the several deep learning frameworks should we use? Where can I find examples of code that work and that I can use without worrying about the license?

In this talk, I will show you how you can start with Deep Learning without any previous Deep Learning knowledge and how you can have a basic ready-to-use deep learning “service” running in less than five minutes.


Gabriela de Queiroz

November 08, 2019