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GraphQL Magic with Angular

GraphQL Magic with Angular

This talk is about how to stay performant using GraphQL tools, how to fake GraphQL server if needed using IDL and how to auto-generate all the code you need to interact with existing GraphQL server.

ref: https://www.meetup.com/GraphQL-Sydney/events/267681845/ @ graphqlsydney 20 Dec 2020

Aliaksei Kuncevič

February 20, 2020

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  1. kuncevic.dev @kuncevic CREATOR Aurelia vs React vs Vue vs Svelte

    vs Ember vs Elm vs Angular frontendwatch.com
  2. kuncevic.dev I don't know the backend requirements yet but I

    know how the frontend looks like and I want start building today
  3. kuncevic.dev Fake API ✅ Auto generate data ✅ Mock the

    responses ✅ Runs locally ✅ Work offline
  4. kuncevic.dev It depends on your approach ✅ Database first ✅

    API first ✅ GraphQL first ✅ {{XYZ}} first
  5. kuncevic.dev npm scripts ✅ npm i graphql @graphql-codegen/cli -D ✅

    npm run generate -- --config introspect.yml ✅ npm run generate -- --config generate.yml
  6. kuncevic.dev Apollo Client Platforms ✅ Angular ✅ React ✅ Ember

    ✅ Vue ✅ Meteor ✅ Web Components ✅ iOS/Android ✅ and more
  7. kuncevic.dev Links Summary ✅ GraphQL Fake https://github.com/APIs-guru/graphql-faker GraphQL Code Generator

    https://github.com/dotansimha/graphql-code-generator Apollo Client https://www.apollographql.com/docs/angular Angular https://angular.io Frontend Watch https://frontendwatch.com