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Smart and Dumb Components in Angular

Smart and Dumb Components in Angular

This lightning talk is about Smart and Dumb Components approach

Presented at Angular Sydney 13 Jan 2021

Aliaksei Kuncevič

January 13, 2021

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  1. kuncevic.dev @kuncevic CREATOR 💡 Aurelia vs React vs Vue vs

    Svelte vs Ember vs Elm vs Angular frontendwatch.com
  2. kuncevic.dev 🤓 Smart 🤪 Dumb 1 😜 Dumb 2 🙃

    Dumb N Smart and Dumb data 2 data N data 1
  3. kuncevic.dev Smart vs Dumb Smart Component Dumb Compoent Provide data

    to components Look and feel (html+css) Wraps components Displays data via @input Tightly coupled to the app Less coupled, reusable