Microservices: Architecture for the Real-time Organization

665a7ca82af87606f4fc83b3d94b5fd5?s=47 Kevin Webber
February 11, 2016

Microservices: Architecture for the Real-time Organization

The real-time organization is responsive to change. Real-time organizations architect their systems to evolve naturally as they adapt to the competitive landscape around them. At the core of real-time organizations are microservices. The microservice architecture (MSA) empowers independent teams within large organizations to move at the pace of startups, freeing them from the constraints of “design by committee” and other architectural anti-patterns that ground productivity within the enterprise to a halt.

We explore all of the relevant patterns of microservices architecture including domain-driven design (DDD), circuit breaker, data pump, saga pattern, distributed transaction, async messaging, etc.


Kevin Webber

February 11, 2016