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[RubyConf AU] Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication - Abridged

[RubyConf AU] Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication - Abridged

Communication is one of the most difficult skills to master in software development. There are many shortfalls in communication — both written and spoken — that have an impact on how you are perceived. Harry the Hedgehog will uncover some of those shortfalls and how he overcame them.

Laura Mosher

February 07, 2019

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  1. Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication Laura Mosher //

    @LauraTrev Abridged
  2. @LauraTrev Counting. is Hard

  3. @LauraTrev Communication is Hard

  4. @LauraTrev We’re Going to Learn You A Communication

  5. @LauraTrev CONTENT WARNING Some of the following material contains topics

    on Mental Health and Cancer. Also contains Harry Potter spoilers.
  6. @LauraTrev Harry Ron

  7. @LauraTrev 3 Tips

  8. @LauraTrev 3 Tips Think, then Speak

  9. @LauraTrev 3 Tips Think, then Speak
 Drop the Nots 

  10. @LauraTrev 3 Tips Think, then Speak
 Drop the Nots Watch

    Your Impact 

  11. @LauraTrev Oxford Comma Lover Hedgehog Rescuer Dog Rescuer Developer The

    Hook Look, LLC
 Find me @LauraTrev
  12. @LauraTrev Think, then Speak Tip 1

  13. @LauraTrev Foundation of all Communication Tip 1

  14. @LauraTrev 3 Key ❓‘s Tip 1

  15. @LauraTrev What Who How do I want to say? am

    I talking to? should I explain it? Tip 1
  16. @LauraTrev Avoid sharing something private Tip 1

  17. @LauraTrev Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Warner Bros Pictures

    (2001) Tip 1
  18. @LauraTrev Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Warner Bros Pictures

    (2001) Tip 1
  19. @LauraTrev Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Warner Bros Pictures

    (2001) Tip 1
  20. @LauraTrev Sometimes, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Tip

  21. @LauraTrev Avoid saying something you’ll regret Tip 1

  22. @LauraTrev Drop the Nots Tip2

  23. @LauraTrev Imgflip.com // Kid Eating Crayon Meme Tip 2

  24. @LauraTrev Tip 2

  25. @LauraTrev I’m NOT eating Crayons! Tip 2

  26. @LauraTrev Not’s Reveal TRUTH Tip 2

  27. @LauraTrev I’m NOT eating Crayons! Tip 2

  28. @LauraTrev I’m eating Crayons! Tip 2

  29. @LauraTrev Denials, Negatives, the Nots (oh my!) Tip 2

  30. @LauraTrev WE STATE THE LACK OF SOMETHING It’s not there.

    Tip 2
  31. @LauraTrev WE DENY THINGS I didn’t do it. Tip 2

  32. @LauraTrev WE SAY NO No! Tip 2

  33. @LauraTrev WE SKIRT RESPONSIBILITY Not my circus, Not my hedgehog.

    Tip 2
  34. @LauraTrev Not’s Enable MISUNDERSTANDING Tip 2

  35. @LauraTrev !important Tip 2

  36. @LauraTrev Harry: “Do you have any wands with phoenix tail

    cores in stock?” Ollivander: “No, Mr. Potter, I don’t.” Tip 2
  37. @LauraTrev Examples Tip 2

  38. @LauraTrev “That’s not possible.” I’d like this new CoolFeature™ done

    by tomorrow. Yeah, that’s not possible. Tip 2
  39. @LauraTrev That is more work than we can accomplish by

    that deadline, but here is what is possible. Tip 2
  40. @LauraTrev That’s super complicated and will take time. Can we

    break it down to see what we can do right now? Tip 2
  41. @LauraTrev Can you fix this deploy script? That’s not my

    job. “That’s not my job.” Tip 2
  42. @LauraTrev Hermione usually handles this, let me ping her and

    see if she’s available. Tip 2
  43. @LauraTrev The build is broken. Not my problem. “Not my

    problem.” Tip 2
  44. @LauraTrev What kind of error is occurring? Tip 2

  45. @LauraTrev I’m unfamiliar with that application, but lets see if

    I can help. Tip 2
  46. @LauraTrev Hey, can you help me with this? Not now.

    “Not Now.” Tip 2
  47. @LauraTrev http://heeris.id.au/2013/this-is-why-you-shouldnt-interrupt-a-programmer/ // Cropped Tip 2

  48. @LauraTrev I’m heads down and would like to stay focused.

    Can it wait until I’m at a good stopping point? Tip 2
  49. @LauraTrev Watch Your Impact Tip 3

  50. @LauraTrev "But my intentions were good.” Tip 3

  51. @LauraTrev Good Intentions Are Not Enough Tip 3

  52. @LauraTrev Praise the outcome, not the time. Tip 3

  53. @LauraTrev Thanks for working late! Praising the Time Tip 3

  54. @LauraTrev Thanks for working late! Tip 3

  55. @LauraTrev Thanks for helping the customer solve their issue! Praising

    the Outcome Tip 3
  56. @LauraTrev Diminishing Language

  57. @LauraTrev You’re just sad. Tip 3

  58. @LauraTrev You’re just a nervous nellie. Tip 3

  59. @LauraTrev It’s just in your head. Tip 3

  60. @LauraTrev Why can’t you just be happy? Tip 3

  61. @LauraTrev http://explosm.net/comics/4364/ Tip 3

  62. @LauraTrev I don’t understand. Tip 3

  63. @LauraTrev I’m here for you. Tip 3

  64. @LauraTrev Would you like me to bring you a book?

    Tip 3
  65. @LauraTrev “Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry, but

    why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” - Albus Dumbledore Tip 3
  66. @LauraTrev <Personal Story> Tip 3

  67. @LauraTrev #CancerSucks Tip 3

  68. @LauraTrev Tip 3

  69. @LauraTrev Good Humans Tip 3

  70. @LauraTrev Tip 3

  71. @LauraTrev Good Intentions

  72. @LauraTrev Detrimental Impact

  73. @LauraTrev Takeaways

  74. @LauraTrev • Think, then speak. Recap

  75. @LauraTrev • Think, then speak. • Drop the Nots. Recap

  76. @LauraTrev • Think, then speak. • Drop the Nots. •

    Watch Your Impact. Recap
  77. @LauraTrev Archer (TV Series), by Adam Reed, FX

  78. @LauraTrev Resources and Credits • Drop the Pink Elephant, by

    Bill McFarlan • Sasha Wolff, founder of Still I Run — Runners for Mental Health Awareness • Original 40 minute talk:
 https://lauramosher.com/blog/talks/2018/05/04/harry-the- hedgehog.html • All hedgehog and auxiliary drawings were drawn by me • All other images are credited on their slides, as necessary
  79. @LauraTrev THANK YOU! @LauraTrev