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Remote Content Design

Remote Content Design

How to design content working in remote teams.

Content design at home
Tips for working better remotely
How to stay productive wherever you work

Laura Parker

May 20, 2020

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  1. Lunch and learn
    Remote Content Design
    Helping from afar

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  2. Housekeeping
    • Mute your microphone and camera

    • This presentation is being recorded

    • Recording included in the next content community newsletter

    • Use the chat box to ask questions

    • The presentation should last 45 minutes

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  3. Laura Parker
    Content Designer
    Service experience design team
    API Platform

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  4. What I’ll talk about
    • Content design at home

    • Tips for working better remotely

    • How to stay productive wherever you work

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  5. Q1 How do you feel right now?

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  6. Content design at home
    The challenge
    • Content design is collaborative

    • Isolation is a creativity killer

    • Thinking is harder to do

    • Tech gets in the way of conversations

    • Video calls are exhausting

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  7. Tips for working better remotely

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  8. Get to know your team (again)
    • Have a look at your roles and responsibilities

    • Identify new areas you can help others

    • Review working methods/order of things

    • Be aware of roughly how long it takes others to work through a project

    • Schedule 1 to 1 chats

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  9. Have empathy
    Collaboration starts with empathy
    • It’s easy to ask questions, it’s harder to listen

    • “Can you explain your perspective to help me to understand?”

    • You might not be the cause of someone’s frustration, even if you’re the
    recipient of it

    • Self reflection is a good idea

    • You’re wrong sometimes

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  10. Write better meeting invites
    • Call your meetings a decision making session instead

    • Tell your invitees what the plan is

    • Make it clear that your meeting will end in a decision

    • Use the user story to guide the conversation

    • It’s ok to decline meetings to avoid burnout

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  11. Three amigos call
    • 3 people with opposing views join a call

    • The meeting organiser spends 2 minutes laying out the problem

    • The problem is discussed and the group attempt to reach a decision

    • The meeting should be no longer than 15 minutes

    • Notes are taken and shared with the wider team

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  12. Fika!
    Take a break
    • Fika is a Swedish word meaning “to have a break”

    • 15 to 30 minute conversation

    • No work talk allowed

    • Usually includes coffee/tea and biscuits

    • Host a Fika in the morning

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  13. Bored of quizzes?
    Try something different
    • Through the keyhole

    • What’s on the bookshelf

    • Hangman (works better with fewer people)

    • Name the movie quote

    • Lightening talks

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  14. Ways to collaborate better
    Thanks to Mia O’Donoghue
    • Demo smaller things - don't wait for the big reveal

    • Keep sessions to the minimum number of team members - share the output
    with the wider team

    • Keep presentations short and to time - use props to keep on track

    • Use GoToMeeting for card sorts - you can hand control of the mouse to

    • Use Google Docs for individual feedback - you can refer back to comments
    after you 'delete' them

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  15. Q2 Share a remote working tip

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  16. How to be productive anywhere

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  17. Be productive anywhere
    • Recognise when you work best

    • Use flexible scheduling to your advantage

    • A/B test different productivity methods

    • Track your activity and productivity

    • Try time blocking and colour code your diary

    • Have a bottle of water nearby and a designated snack jar

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  18. Be productive anywhere
    How does a user researcher stay productive?
    • Regularly change your workspace

    • Accept that there are some things you can't change

    • Have a goal that's unrelated to work

    • Remember to be silly and have fun

    • Exercise and eat a healthy diet

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  19. And remember
    • Inaction is a roadblock for remote collaboration

    • Don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right or not

    • Design is a journey, remote work is ‘work in progress’

    • Respect your team and have empathy

    • Stay professional and get dressed

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  21. Q3 Recommend any book/

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  22. Thank you
    Any questions for me?

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