Dropbox APIs for JavaScript developers

5573f0b3cbe983ae0f2d00a2e610d6be?s=47 Leah Culver
September 18, 2014

Dropbox APIs for JavaScript developers

Nordic.js, Sept 18, 2014

We live in a world where users expect their data to follow them seamlessly across devices and platforms, and developers therefore require simple APIs to enable this seamless integration. This talk will cover the range of Dropbox APIs available for JavaScript developers, from simple file uploading and downloading to more complex file system interfaces and data storage.

Find out how to do a simple upload/download Dropbox integration with just a few lines of code or how to more deeply integrate with the Dropbox file system, powered by notifications. Also learn how to use the Dropbox Datastore API, a database-like backend for your JavaScript application as demoed in the Dropbox clone of the popular game 2048.


Leah Culver

September 18, 2014