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UX London Workshop - Collaborative Research Techniques

May 29, 2014

UX London Workshop - Collaborative Research Techniques

an afternoon workshop about collaborative approaches to research that work well for people in agile teams. (slides not super useful without the accompanying sound track of explanation.)


May 29, 2014

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  1. Our aim is to make services so good, people prefer

    to use them over the alternatives GDS @leisa Thursday, 5 June 14
  2. A single domain for government, the platform for everything 7m

    visitors a week, 600 publishers, with 5,000 more coming soon 2,500 code releases in our first year GDS @leisa Thursday, 5 June 14
  3. World-leading federated identity service Will provide proof of identity for

    45 million users GDS @leisa Thursday, 5 June 14
  4. GDS @leisa Learn about the tactical hypotheses for that sprint!

    Continually build and challenge service strategies! Thursday, 5 June 14
  5. GDS @leisa Other good strategy artifacts: customer journey maps, personas,

    lists of hypotheses, statements of goals, ‘things we know’ Thursday, 5 June 14
  6. how to get information from people to help you make

    good products. Thursday, 5 June 14
  7. 8. either do a run through before or use your

    first real session as a run thru. Your call. Thursday, 5 June 14
  8. 9. don’t try to get the answers you want. get

    the information you need. Thursday, 5 June 14
  9. GDS Leisa exercise in groups of 4 explore the product

    hypothesis by interviewing each other FIRST: draft a discussion guide (esp. first 2-3 questions) then take turns to be: 1. interviewer 2. interviewee 3. post it note scribblers 4. observer (for interview feedback) Thursday, 5 June 14
  10. GDS Leisa post it notes for research - one post

    it per observation / quote - just write down what you see/hear not what you think it might mean - code the post it with the participant ID - if in doubt, write it down - capital letters for legibility Thursday, 5 June 14
  11. GDS Leisa exercise product hypothesis: something to help people plan

    for the weekend. 5 mins to draft discussion guide 5 mins each to interview each other Roles: 1. interviewer 2. interviewee 3. post it note scribblers 4. observer (for interview feedback) Thursday, 5 June 14
  12. GDS Leisa exercise analyse your research - sort observations into

    themes - insights (what does it mean) - actions (what might we do about it, what is your design hypothesis based on this insight) Thursday, 5 June 14
  13. GDS @leisa ‘as a ..... I want to ...... so

    that I can .............’ Thursday, 5 June 14
  14. GDS @leisa ‘As a PAYE taxpayer I want to understand

    how to calculate my tax code so that I can make sure I’m on the right tax code’ Thursday, 5 June 14
  15. GDS @leisa ‘As a PAYE taxpayer I want to make

    sure I’m not paying too much tax so I can have more money to live on’. Thursday, 5 June 14
  16. GDS Leisa exercise as a ..... I want to ......

    so that I can ....... Turn some of your ‘actions’ into user stories. How would you test the hypotheses they raise? Thursday, 5 June 14
  17. GDS @leisa It is not ‘pragmatic’ to do no user

    research. There are pragmatic ways to do your user research Thursday, 5 June 14
  18. @leisa Well understood and clearly stated user needs are the

    bedrock of service design. Thursday, 5 June 14