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The (UX) Strategy is Delivery - UX Brighton, May 2014

May 13, 2014

The (UX) Strategy is Delivery - UX Brighton, May 2014

A way to think about how strategy can live in actually getting good things delivered, so you can feel proud of the work you do and not just your portfolio.


May 13, 2014

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  1. The strategy is delivery! ! ! Leisa Reichelt! Head of

    User Research, Government Digital Service! ! GDS!
  2. GDS! 1. Create GDS ! 2. Fix digital publishing !

    3. Fix digital transactions! 4. Do it all properly!
  3. GDS! Strategy is just plan.! Policy is just a theory.!

    Delivery is hard.! Delivery is what matters.!
  4. GDS! Making the thing gives you a concrete thing to

    talk about – with stakeholders and end users. ! Abstract things are subject to multiple imaginations and motivations.!
  5. GDS! Making the thing makes something people assume to be

    impossible seem possible.! Making the thing makes scary things feel exciting and achievable.!
  6. Other good strategy artifacts:! customer journey maps, personas, lists of

    hypotheses, statements of goals, ‘things we know’! GDS!