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OpenMetrics: Prometheus Unbound?

OpenMetrics: Prometheus Unbound?

The State of the Art of OpenMetrics and some fundamental novelties about it.

What it is? Why do we need it? In case we really need it.

Cloud_Native Rejekts EU 2019 - Barcelona, Spain - May 19th 2019.

Leonardo Di Donato

May 19, 2019

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  1. OpenMetrics.
    Prometheus Unbound?
    Leonardo Di Donato.
    Open Source Engineer @ Sysdig.
    Maintainer of Falco.
    Co-creator of kubectl-trace.
    Creator of go-syslog.
    2019.05.19 - Cloud_Native Rejekts EU - Barcelona, Spain

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  2. What OpenMetrics is? @leodido
    Just a wire protocol.
    A lingua franca in the whole observability story
    being built using the Prometheus exposition format as
    the starting point.
    It’s (still) a draft
    In the CNCF sandbox

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  3. Prometheus won the battle!
    Against no one ➡ there was hardly anyone in
    the landscape …
    Everyone knows it nowadays.
    It displays metrics line-by-line in a
    text-based format.
    Histograms, counters, gauges, summaries.
    N-dimensional space with labels.
    It is really good at doing metrics
    And what else?! ‍♂
    So why do we really need OpenMetrics?



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  4. Standardization
    Traditional vendors want to avoid lock-in.
    Goal ➡ IETF RFC
    Secret goal ➡ kill the concept of hierarchical data models
    Open Standard:
    • no brand.
    • vendor neutral.
    • available to all to read and implement ➡ foster cooperation.

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  5. Novelties
    Mostly the same of Prometheus except ...
    UNIX timestamps in seconds
    What are you counting?
    # UNIT foo_seconds seconds ⬅
    not applicable to state sets and info metrics
    UNIT descriptor directive
    # HELP test_m Bla bla bla description no one really reads
    # TYPE test_m counter
    # UNIT potatoes
    test_m{...} x
    test_m{...} x
    # EOF ⬅
    Metric sets followed by an end marker
    attach an ID off a trace to directly link to that trace
    foo_bucket{le="0.1"} 8 # {} 0.054
    foo_bucket{le="1"} 10 # {id="9856e"} 0.67
    foo_bucket{le="10"} 17 # {id="12fa8"} 9.8 1520879607.789

    Registered content-type/mime-type
    • same escape rules for HELP directive and labels
    • better handling of white spaces between tokens
    Maybe application/openmetrics-text?

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  6. New metric
    Mostly the same of Prometheus except ...
    # TYPE x info
    x_info{entity="ctrl",name="pretty",version="8.1"} 1
    x_info{entity="repl",name="prettier",version="8.2"} 1
    Info metrics
    Just histograms for gauges.
    What else am I supposed to say?
    Gauge histograms
    # TYPE foo stateset
    foo{entity="controller",foo="a"} 0
    foo{entity="controller",foo="b"} 1
    foo{entity="replica",foo="a"} 0
    foo{entity="replica",foo="b"} 1
    # EOF
    State sets
    What Prometheus calls untyped metrics.

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  7. State of the Art.
    Prometheus Python Client >= 2.5.0
    Do you want to verify your output is valid OpenMetrics?
    Google, Uber, OpenCensus ...
    ~2 years in the making, nothing more than this out there yet …
    ● Better outward communication
    ● Test suite to let other developers build against it
    Give birth to it!

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  8. Thanks.
    Reach me out @leodido on twitter & github!

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