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Building an established Social Intranet at KOSMOS

November 01, 2022

Building an established Social Intranet at KOSMOS

"In this session we will share insights on how we have helped our customer KOSMOS to beautify and rebuild their HCL Connections Communities.
Improvements were made by integrating other tools and solutions into Communities or by supporting Community managers when starting a new Community and making sure they used the best components for the needs of the audience.
With the integration of HCL Leap applications into Connections, we also made sure that the missing piece of workflows or forms is an issue of the past.
In this non-technical session you will also hear from the customer about how the users reacted to the changes."


November 01, 2022

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  1. Agenda - Introduction Sandra Bühler & Olaf Braun - What

    drives Kosmos - Why do we use Connections - Questions 2
  2. Olaf Braun CIO Franck-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH 6 CIO KOSMOS - KOSMOS

    IT Strategy - Launching Vertragsmanagement - PoC PIM - Launching CRM - Internal Suppot Prozess (ITIL) - DSO 2021 - 10
  3. Olaf Braun CIO Franck-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH 7 2015 - 12 Programm

    Manager adesso SE - Launching MS 365 NRW.Global Business - Dev. + Operation BAKIS Landscape Deutsche Bundesbank

  5. KOSMOS Facts & Figures 2022 13 Über 500 Lieferbare SKUs

    Employees 300 Years of Success 200 Writers 700 deliverable products >2500 Available in 77 countries International Licence and Distribution Partners 199 77
  6. KOSMOS Growth 1990 - 2021 14 1990 2000 2010 2020

    2021 Development of Turnover 100 Mio. EURO
  7. Initial Situation 16 • Meeting + protocolls + storage on

    file server + E-Mail distribution lists à Information is in mail or in Attachment (one reader) • One to one communication via mail • Small interaction between book + game + experimental Kits • No classical project manager role „Either everybody cares or nobody cares“
  8. Why do we use connections? 17 Why? Finding Know-how (persons

    & groups) High security standards Work easily with external partners To share, comment and discuss ideas together Organise activities of individuals and groups at a platform Making knowledge centrally available Use, share, and edit office documents always have the current version of office documents
  9. Who are the stakeholders? 18 • Work with HCL Connections,

    know the functions + advantages • Collaboration with internal + external partners Promoter Neutral • Do not work collaboratively or agilily • Collaboration with internal + external partners Critics • Usually come from the MS 365 environment - missing functions + user experience • Do not engage much with HCL Connections
  10. Kosmonet – our concept 19 • Kosmonet – „Connection“ is

    our collaboration hub for everyone and everything • Open system in which everyone can and should work (but does not have to!) • No restrictions for creating communities • Initial training starting in 2016, a few follow-up trainings • Since 2022 for every new employee – during „KOSMOS Welcome Day“ • There are no trained community managers • There are many "standard communities" ... which are not "nice" and which do not make use of the features of Connections
  11. Presentation of the existing community Idea generation with Belsoft Joint

    discussion Implementation of a pilot by Belsoft Continuing in the department Solution 20 • Building some lighthouse communities with external consultants from Belsoft • Lighthouse Communities are: • IT support, • HR, Cockpit sales and toys • Integrate new features • any third party application into Kosmonet • Digital workplace
  12. Best practice IT Community 24 • Idea of a central

    point for communicating all topics from IT to the company, for feedback from the company to IT and as a self- service portal • first stop for digital issues … before moving on to the ticket system, project application, etc.
  13. Next steps 29 • Building up digital workplace • Hub

    for main applications • Incl. rights & roles for applications • „Notifier“ for urgent + important messages • No E-Mail to everyone • Engagement Center (Intranet) • „Beautifying“ the communities
  14. Standort Stuttgart: Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG Herbig – Nymphenburger

    – Belser Standort München: United Soft Media Verlag GmbH München Verlag LangenMüller International: Thames & Kosmos, LLC | Providence, USA Thames & Kosmos, LP| Kent, UK Standort Wien: Amalthea Verlag 31