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Super Collaborative Design with Teams and Clients

Aa84d76969c77f87a45610a98ceffba8?s=47 Lewis Nyman
March 19, 2016

Super Collaborative Design with Teams and Clients

How can we improve our design process to include insights and experience from all members of the team? How can we lead projects through design and encourage collaboration for better feedback, and happier clients?


Lewis Nyman

March 19, 2016


  1. Super collaborative design
 with clients and teams LewisNyman

  2. Consensus based on objectives
 Buy in from stakeholders
 Buy in

    from developers Good Design
  3. My old design process

  4. gather information

  5. Go into my design cave

  6. Come back with a design concept

  7. Get feedback

  8. Iterate

  9. Problems

  10. “Can we make it green?”

  11. “I think it should look like facebook”

  12. “...”

  13. “I don't like it...”

  14. “Hello. I don't like it. Goodbye.”

  15. “I've brought my own wireframes”

  16. “Oooh that's going to be expensive to build”

  17. Super-long feedback loops

  18. There has to be a better way

  19. Design Studio & Design Sprint

  20. Understand Define Diverge Converge

  21. Product owners Stakeholders Developers Designers

  22. Make the most of a broad range of experiences

  23. 1. Understand the information together

  24. 2. Define the problem together

  25. 3. Generate loads of ideas

  26. 4. Boil it down to one concept

  27. 1. Understand

  28. Share information with everyone in the workshop

  29. 2. Define

  30. Define problem statements together

  31. Put these statements up on the wall

  32. 3. Diverge

  33. As many ideas as possible

  34. 6–8–5s 6-ups Crazy Eights

  35. Get everyone past the first idea hump

  36. Present

  37. Critique

  38. Silent critique

  39. More ideas

  40. 4. Converge

  41. Boil it down into one concept

  42. Consensus based on objectives
 Buy in from stakeholders
 Buy in

    from developers Better design concepts
  43. Two weeks of work achieved in six hours

  44. Thank you LewisNyman

  45. Resources The Design Studio Method - Todd Zaki Warfel “Sprint”

    the book Thoughtbot - Product Design Sprint Gamestorming