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Do websites dream of elastic sheep?

Lewis Nyman
April 13, 2013

Do websites dream of elastic sheep?

"Responsive Web Design functions as a practice, but also a critique of techniques that came before it" — Ethan Marcotte

Responsive Web Design has disrupted not just how we've made websites, but why. As developers and designers it's changed the problems we have to solve and the way we solve them.

But developing a responsive site is not just influenced by internal factors. External factors can make success difficult or even impossible to achieve before we've even typed an opening bracket.

Let's talk about challenges we face on the journey of creating a responsive site, warts and all. From strategy, through to design, to development, and hopefully success.

Lewis Nyman

April 13, 2013

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  1. Designs that are dependent on specific content “Can we add

    a few <br>’s in there?” “We need to chop a few letters off this sentence”
  2. Designing in the Browser? “An essential aspect of a painter’s

    canvas and a musical instrument is the immediacy with which the artist gets something there to react to.”
  3. Designers will code Designing is hard enough without learning to

    become an engineer. Designers don’t have to if we build them tools that enable them.
  4. Conclusion Acknowledge different perceptions RWD is a solution to a

    problem You need organisation wide buy in of the same objective The only way is Agile Logical and modular design using style guides