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Nobody likes working with you

Nobody likes working with you

* Video (in Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkOZJ6Qfpwk

It doesn't matter how efficient your code is, if your team mates don't like working with you, you are a bad software developer. Most of your time is spent communicating with others (emails, tasks, comments on pull requests) If you can't do it properly your colleagues won't take your opinions into consideration or will be afraid to ask for them. And a team unable to communicate and speak openly will end up producing bad code. ​ In this presentation I will talk about how to:
- Give constructive feedback
- Comment on others code nicely
- Disagree without offending
- Express your ideas

Luis G. Valle

November 17, 2016

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  1. Nobody likes working with you @lgvalle | Novoda MADRID ·

    NOV 18-19 · 2016
  2. Rockstar Ninja Developer • All existing design patterns • He

    is always right • Only writes “f***ing smart code” • Can do pair programming with himself Tom Smith
  3. Nobody likes working with TOM

  4. Rockstar Jerk Bad software developer

  5. Everyone wants to feel IMPORTANT 1

  6. Names

  7. None
  8. #thanks

  9. None
  10. Give Credit

  11. DON’T criticise 2

  12. What is the GOAL?

  13. Shame. Shame. Sha

  14. Constructive Feedback

  15. We can't merge this new class. You always forget to

    write tests! “ ”
  16. This new class is great but we can't merge because

    you didn't write any tests for it. “ ”
  17. This new class is great, it will help decoupling business

    logic! And how are you planning to test it? “ ”
  18. Think what the OTHER PERSON wants 3

  19. Is NOT about you

  20. LISTEN “10 ways to have a better conversation” - Celeste

  21. None
  22. “Everyone you will ever meet KNOWS something you DON’T

  23. How amazing you are

  24. Avoid ARGUMENTS 4

  25. “ Arguing with a developer is like wrestling with a

    pig in mud. After a couple of hours, you realise the pig is enjoying it

  27. Don’t get ANGRY

  28. Everyone did the BEST job they could, given what THEY

    KNEW at the time, their skills and abilities “ Retrospective Prime Directive
  29. Find a COMMON ground

  30. You are WRONG

  31. Maybe YOU are wrong

  32. Postpone it

  33. GIVEUP

  34. #4 Avoid ARGUMENTS #1 Everyone wants to feel IMPORTANT #2

    DON’T criticise #3 Think what the OTHER PERSON wants
  35. No one can whistle a symphony. “ It takes an

    ORCHESTRA to play it H.E.Luccock
  36. [pic summary: great team]

  37. thanks! @lgvalle | Novoda