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How To Portfolio (when you actually UX)

How To Portfolio (when you actually UX)

Slides from my talk about creating and maintaining a high profile UX portfolio


Erica Olsen Firment

April 18, 2015

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  1. Erica Firment - SJSU - UX Speakers Series - 2015

    How to Portfolio When you actually UX
  2. None
  3. UX Work is… Non-visual, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, often consists of removing

    things… photo: John Harvey
  4. Goal of This Talk: Know what employers want out of

    a UX portfolio, gain tools for making your own photo: davebloggs007
  5. The UX Portfolio + = You need to make one.

  6. Deliverables + +

  7. Do What You Can Start small and expand Time spent

    on non-paying tasks requires a level of privilege Thank the people who make this possible in your life photo: eldeeem
  8. Resources You are not alone! Dropr Coroflot Squarespace Carbonmade WordPress

    Cargo Themeforest Dribbble Behance
  9. What to Do Treat your Portfolio with as much care

    as you would a work project Use the same process photo: eldeeem
  10. Tell Employers What You Can Do You have a story

    to tell Your skills have names photo: evilerin
  11. Tell Employers What You Have Done Work history UX problems

    solved Ways you have contributed to the community (articles, patterns, talks)
  12. Overachievers do Case Studies Choose up to 5 projects and

    answer: ★ What were the business challenges? ★ What was your process? ★ What was the result? ★ How did you measure success / failure? photo: uxpeople
  13. Overachievers do Case Studies Give Context: ★ When did you

    do this & for whom? ★ What was your role? ★ What would you do differently if you could? photo: uxpeople
  14. Visual Ways to Express Non-Visual Accomplishments Charts & Graphs &

    Numbers Before / After Screenshots Artifacts arranged to show process Illustrate your anecdotes Photos of you doing your thing Photos of your post-it wall or user journey blanket fort photo: mollystevens
  15. What to Avoid Self-indulgence Scope Creep Unicorn Syndrome Taking False

    Credit General Jerkfacery
  16. Summary ★ Treat your portfolio like a work project ★

    The hiring manager is your user ★ Get numbers ★ Take “before” pictures ★ Make something printable + something with a URL ★ Do not hand carve your portfolio out of Baltic Amber ★ Tell a story