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Night Owl School - Rosie Murillo

5a3b31d69c8f551f81a6d45f6a3b4507?s=47 Rosie
August 26, 2021

Night Owl School - Rosie Murillo

Three little owls are starting their first night of homeschool with their mother‚
and Owlette's anxiety starts to get the better of her.



August 26, 2021

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  1. By Rosie Murillo

  2. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Sc1a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  3. Sc2a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  4. Sc2b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  5. Sc3a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  6. Sc3b Whoolio: HA! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  7. Sc3c Try getting out of that trap! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  8. Sc4a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  9. Sc4b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  10. Sc4c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  11. Sc4d lilrosieart@gmail.com

  12. Sc4e lilrosieart@gmail.com

  13. Sc5a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  14. Sc5b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  15. Whoolio: You know, maybe we shouldn’t play tic-tac-toe anymore. Sc5c

  16. Sc5d After all lilrosieart@gmail.com

  17. Sc5e It’s bad for the environment. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  18. Sc5f lilrosieart@gmail.com

  19. Sc6a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  20. Sc6b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  21. Sc6c Owlette: Whoolio, how do you think mom’s gonna be

    like as our teacher? lilrosieart@gmail.com
  22. Sc6d Whoolio: What’s the worry? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  23. Sc7a Owlette: You remember my math teacher? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  24. Sc7b Mr. Crawford? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  25. Sc8a Crawford: Come on, Owlette. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  26. Sc8b Crawford: Don’t you remember today’s lesson? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  27. Sc9a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  28. Sc9b Owlette: Umm... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  29. Sc9c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  30. Sc10a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  31. Sc10b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  32. Sc10c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  33. Sc11a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  34. Sc11b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  35. Sc11c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  36. Sc11d lilrosieart@gmail.com

  37. Sc11e Crawford [OFFSCREEN]: OWLETTE! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  38. Sc12a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  39. Sc12b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  40. Sc12c Owlette: Uh... 25? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  41. Sc12d Crawford: Ugh... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  42. Crawford: You’d think it’d be easier to teach an owl...

    Sc13a lilrosieart@gmail.com
  43. Some simple math. Sc13b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  44. Sc14a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  45. Sc14b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  46. Sc14c [SNIFFLES] lilrosieart@gmail.com

  47. Sc14d [WHIMPERING] lilrosieart@gmail.com

  48. Sc14e lilrosieart@gmail.com

  49. Sc14f Whoolio: C’mon Letty. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  50. Sc14g Whoolio: Mom isn’t anything like that mean old cockatoo!

  51. Sc15a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  52. Whoolio: I bet mom could math CIRCLES around that jerk!

    Sc15b lilrosieart@gmail.com
  53. Sc15c lilrosieart@gmail.com Whoolio: I bet mom could math CIRCLES around

    that jerk!
  54. Sc15d lilrosieart@gmail.com

  55. Sc16a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  56. Sc16b Whoolio: Hehe, nice! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  57. Sc17a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  58. Sc17b Owlette: But that’s just it! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  59. Sc17c Mom had college credit when she was my age!

  60. Sc18a Owlette: Meanwhile... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  61. Sc18b Owlette: I can’t even do 5th grade math. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  62. Sc19a Whoolio: C’mon, Letty. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  63. Sc19b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  64. Sc19c Whoolio: Isn’t there some inspirational quote? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  65. Sc19d Whoolio: From one of those Shakespeare plays lilrosieart@gmail.com

  66. Sc19e Whoolio: That you’re always reading? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  67. Sc20a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  68. Sc20b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  69. Sc20c Owlette: ‘How poor are they that have not patience!

  70. Sc20d Owlette: ‘What wound did ever heal but by degrees?’

  71. Sc21a Whoolio: See? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  72. Sc21b Whoolio: Not everyone can quote Hamlet at the drop

    of a hat! lilrosieart@gmail.com
  73. Sc22a Owlette: Othello lilrosieart@gmail.com

  74. Sc23a Whoolio: My point is... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  75. Sc24a Whoolio: Learning takes time. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  76. Sc24b Whoolio: Don’t be so hard on yourself lilrosieart@gmail.com

  77. Sc24c Whoolio: Just because some moron got impatient. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  78. Whoolio: Not everyone can be a child prodigy like Mom.

    Sc25a lilrosieart@gmail.com
  79. Or Buttons over here. Sc25b lilrosieart@gmail.com

  80. Sc26a Owlette: Yeah, I bet Little Buttons is gonna change

    the world someday. lilrosieart@gmail.com
  81. Sc26b Owlette: Yeah, I bet Little Buttons is gonna change

    the world someday. lilrosieart@gmail.com
  82. Sc27a Buttons: Hee hee hee heeeeee lilrosieart@gmail.com

  83. Sc28a Whoolio: So... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  84. Sc28b Whoolio: Wanna be study buddies? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  85. Sc28c Owlette: Sure. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  86. Sc28d Owlette: As long as you don’t copy my schoolwork.

  87. Sc28e Whoolio: We can compromise later. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  88. Sc28f Mom [OFFSCREEN] : Alright, kids... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  89. Mom: Who’s ready... Sc29a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  90. Sc29b For their first night of homeschooling? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  91. Sc30a Whoolio: I’m ready! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  92. Sc30b Owlette: Me too! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  93. Sc30c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  94. Sc30d lilrosieart@gmail.com

  95. Sc30e lilrosieart@gmail.com

  96. Sc30f Mom: Alright! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  97. Sc30g Mom: Great to see some enthusiasm! lilrosieart@gmail.com

  98. Sc31a Owlette: Hey, Mom? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  99. Sc31b Do you think maybe we could start with math,

    first? lilrosieart@gmail.com
  100. Sc31c lilrosieart@gmail.com

  101. Sc31d Mom: Oh... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  102. Sc32a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  103. Sc32b Mom: Are you sure sweetie? lilrosieart@gmail.com

  104. Sc32c Whoolio: We could start with something you like. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  105. Sc32d Whoolio: I put together a whole lesson plan on

    Othello! lilrosieart@gmail.com
  106. Sc33a Owlette: Maybe later. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  107. Sc33b Owlette: Right now... lilrosieart@gmail.com

  108. Sc33c Owlette: I wanna work on Multiplication and Division. lilrosieart@gmail.com

  109. Sc34a lilrosieart@gmail.com

  110. Sc34b [END] lilrosieart@gmail.com