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Secure LINE Login with biometric key replacing password

Secure LINE Login with biometric key replacing password


LINE DevDay 2020

November 25, 2020


  1. None
  2. Agenda › The History of Password › Pros and Cons

    › Industry Trend › Passwordless LINE
  3. The History of Password password ? The ancient Roman military,

    more than 2000 years ago password ? The beginning of modern password, UNIX system in the late 1960s (Multics)
  4. Pros & Cons of “Password” › No relation to the

    owner › Can be leaked to others Cons Pros › Easy to be used / implemented › No dedicated sensor or device is required Tiny hidden cameras in ATM, fake power supplier to steal password source : City Of London Police 2017
  5. Something You Know Something You Have Something You Are

  6. Pros & Cons of “Biometric” › Dedicated sensors / devices

    are required Cons Pros › Intuitive user experience › No need to remember or carry › Nearly impossible to copy or steal › Strong relationship to the owner › Provide high security level FAR (False Accept Ratio) Comparison Kind FAR Remark fingerprint 1 / 50,000 capacity way iris 1 / 1,000,000 IR camera based PIN 1 / 10,000 in case of 4 digit
  7. Industry Trend Provides biometric login feature with password disabling option

    ! Yahoo! Japan eBay Docomo Microsoft https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/ business/identity/passwordless
  8. email & password brute-force login attack monitored by LINE ›

    Eliminate security hole caused by password › Intuitive user experience › No brute-force login attack allowed Motivation of LINE Passwordless LINE
  9. Highlights Since LINE 10.18.0 Authentication Method Biometric Authentication User’s active

    PIN input flow Prevent Brutal Force Attack Make Your SmartPhone As A Key PaaK Password can be disabled PaaK = Primary As A Key
  10. › Face, Fingerprint for iOS › Face, Fingerprint, Iris ,

    etc for Android › Screen unlock method like pattern drawing can be used as well 1. Registration Passwordless LINE
  11. › Optionally, user can disable ‘email - password’ login method

    by turning off the switch 2. Disable password (optional) Passwordless LINE
  12. › To use PaaK feature, one has to pair devices

    › This is required only for the first time. 3. Device Pairing Passwordless LINE
  13. 4. How it works - PaaK Login - (1/2) Passwordless

    LINE ᶃ Input phone number and choose `Log in` ᶄ Press `Log in` button
  14. Passwordless LINE 4. How it works - PaaK Login -

    (2/2) ᶆ Log in completes ᶅ biometric verification (face,fingerprint..)
  15. Passwordless LINE - Behind The Scene 1 We didn’t want

    users to see this alarm ! › At the first pairing stage, user is guided to input PIN code after browsing setting menu actively instead of getting push pop-up noti › No need to worry about false login attempt because abuser can’t request PIN input automatically
  16. We wanted to promote Passwordless login smoothly › Integrate `QR

    code login` and `Email & Password login` into `Other ways to login` Passwordless LINE - Behind The Scene 2 Other ways to log in Log in with em ail Back to smartphone login Back to smartphone login Back to QR code login