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Team and Community: for safe spaces and business outcomes

Team and Community: for safe spaces and business outcomes

Yoshihito Kuranuki
SonicGarden CEO
Naotomo Watanabe
LINE Sticker Business Department Executive Officer


LINE DevDay 2020

November 27, 2020


  1. None
  2. Naotomo Watanabe LINE Executive Officer He worked in 2010 I

    started working at livedoor (now LINE). In 2012 I became involved in planning for the Stickers Business, and Launched LINE Themes and LINE Creators Market. For about 10 years, I've been responsible for several different areas, including launching the paid B2C content sector, and growth hacking. I also manage strategy planning and execution for global development in Taiwan and Thailand among other places, as well as organizational management for overseas offices. I've been in my current role since January 2019. LINE’s Sticker Communications Business Chief
  3. Team and Community for safe spaces and business outcomes

  4. Yoshihito Kuranuki Sonic Garden CEO Set up internal venture, building

    on experience of working for major systems integrator. Established Sonic Garden following a management buyout in 2011. Developed a zero-deliverable development vendor that offers consultancy services with fixed monthly fees and guaranteed results. Conducting business in new ways: all employees work remotely, no physical offices, no management, etc. Author of Chatting and Advice: Habits of Teams that Get Results, Better Results with Zero Management, and Everything Works Out If You Eliminate Deliverables. Full Remote Work before COVID-19
  5. Q1.Why “Teams” and “Community”?

  6. Why “Teams” and “Community”? https://kuranuki.sonicgarden.jp/2020/08/team-and-community.html

  7. Q2.What’s “Teams” and “Community?

  8. What’s “Teams” and “Community” Ø Mission Ø KPI, Goal Ø

    Expiration Ø Well doing Ø Business Ø Value to Outside Ø Recruit by Skill Ø Governance of War and Adventure Ø Vision Ø Values, Philosophy Ø Eternity Ø Well being Ø Safety Ø Value to Inside Ø Recruit by Humanity Ø Governance of Countries and Cities Teams Community
  9. Q3.How balance “Team” and “Community”?

  10. How balance “Teams” and “Community” Community Teams Community Teams Community

  11. Tuckman’s Team Dev Model Performing Norming Storming Forming Performance Effectiveness

  12. Appendix

  13. Related books

  14. Manual Worker And Knowledge Worker Ø Follow direction from Boss

    Ø Passivity Ø Status Quo Ø Work as a reward Ø Work and life are separate Ø Rule Ø Follow the organization Ø Work by self management Ø Independency Ø Continuous improvement Ø Work as my growth Ø Work and life are mix Ø Goal Ø Follow the culture Manual Worker Knowledge Worker