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LINE TECHPULSE 2022 - How we build TECHPULSE Bot

LINE TECHPULSE 2022 - How we build TECHPULSE Bot

LINE TECHPULSE 2022 - How we build TECHPULSE Bot by Cid Chang / LINE MUSIC @ LINE TECHPULSE 2022 https://techpulse.line.me/


LINE Developers Taiwan

January 21, 2022

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  1. Cid Chang / LINE MUSIC How we build TECHPULSE Bot

  2. Task Force Wayne Eric Luke Fischer Alvin Coke 

  3. Agenda › LINE chatbot › Live Streaming › NFT Reward

  4. LINE Chatbot 

  5. LINE Developer Console https://developers.line.biz/ 

  6. other LINE Developer Console Components Developer Provider Channel 

  7. LINE Developer Console 

  8. LINE Developer › A developer can created many providers. ›

    A developer can be invited to join channels and corresponding provider. › A developer logins with a LINE account or LINE Business Account 
  9. LINE Developer  Channel X Channel Y Developer A Developer

    B Developer C Provider
  10. Channel Provider › A provider owns at least one or

    many channels. › A provider can be an individual, company, or organization that provides services through the LINE platform.  › Channels in a provider may use same uid. That is, a channel can never change it’s provider.
  11. Channel Provider Channel 1 Channel 4 Channel 2 Channel 5

    Channel 3
  12. LINE Channel › By setting webhook in channels, connecting your

    system with OA › A channel also management developers with roles › A channel is a communication path between the LINE Platform and a provider's services. 
  13. LINE Channel Type › A channel of messaging api belong

    to an Official Account all its’ life. › A channel has one channel type. Once a channel created, it’s type can never change.  › A channel of LINE login can link with one official account. An official account can be linked to many LINE login channel.
  14. Relationship to OA Developer Console OA Manager developers managers Channel

    1 OA OA
  15. Chatbot What is chatbot ? In general point of a

    view, a chatbot is a program that can simulate human conversation. Actually, chatbot has been around for quite a while. When you hit “tab” in a terminal, it comes out useful suggestion. 
  16. What Chatbot Works in LINE 

  17. LINE Chatbot OA Your System Channel 

  18. Messaging API 

  19. LINE Bot Designer 

  20. Flex Simulator 

  21. Rich Menu › Rich menu is a menu feature displayed

    at the bottom of the LINE Official Account chat screen. › A channel may have 1000 customized rich menus 
  22. LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) › LIFF browser is a browser

    specifically for LIFF apps. Meanwhile, LIFF apps also run on the main browsers. › LIFF apps can get data from the LINE Platform to provide features that utilize user data and send messages on the user's behalf. › LIFF is a platform for web apps. The web apps running on this platform are called LIFF apps. 
  23. LIFF Login › When opening LIFF apps from an external

    browser, make sure to use liff.login() method for the login process. › You don’t need to use liff.login() in a LIFF browser, as it is automatically executed liff.init() when is executed. 
  24. LINE Avatar › LINE Avatar turn your profile photo into

    a cute, realistic cartoon of yourself. › You can dress it up and pose it in all sorts of ways, depending on your style and mood. 
  25. TechPulse bot architecture 

  26.  Live Streaming

  27. Streaming Flow 

  28. Stream Normalize › Audio source volume varies up and down.

    › Streamer may push streaming with unexpected configuration. 
  29. Transcode to HLS › HLS is based on the HTTP

    protocol and widely supported by all client software. › HLS deliver streams with adaptive bitrate. Users will experience most suitable quality base upon their internet quality. › HLS splits the stream into small fragments called chunks, information about which is stored in a special file called manifest. 
  30. Content delivery network (CDN) › CDN refers to a geographically

    distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. › HLS can be cached on CDN servers, and distributed via CDN as static content 
  31. Content Protection › Dynamic encryption key › Verify the encryption

    key with every chunk file. › Encrypted HLS 
  32.  NFT Reward

  33. Foundation Blockchain 

  34. Blockchain › Blockchains are opened to public and eliminates risks

    that come with data being held centrally › A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks , that are linked together using cryptography 
  35. What is Blockchain

  36. Use Crypto- currencies NFT 

  37. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) › A kind of coin can be

    identified and cannot be split. › A NFT is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain 
  38. What is NFT 

  39. What is NFT 

  40. What is NFT 

  41. An online store/market for people to sale and buy NFT.

    Global NFT Platform 
  42. Components Wallet Smart Contract 

  43. What is Wallet 

  44. What is Smart Contract 

  45. NFT Reward Flow 

  46. ㄒ LINE Blockchain is Coming Soon 

  47. LINE NFT 

  48. LINE NFT 

  49. › Things you should do for NFT redeem: › Participant

    sessions › Connect wallet › Only 128 NFT available, go to get it ! TECHPULSE 2022 NFT 
  50. Thank you