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Machine Learning Development Team, LINE Machine Learning Dept

July 01, 2021

Machine Learning Development Team, LINE Machine Learning Dept

2021年7月1日に開催した「LINE Machine Learning室 採用説明会」にて
使用したMachine Learning室 ML Development Teamの紹介資料です。


July 01, 2021

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  1. 1 Mission & Tasks 2 Case (library) ghee-models 3 Case

    (API) Auto Recommendation 4 We are Hiring! Agenda
  2. Task ① Python Library ghee / ghee-models / cumin Task

    ② API Batch Recommendation / Auto Recommendation / Postprocess API Task ③ New Areas Client Side / Federated Learning / Privacy Maximize ML value from LINE compute/data scale Mission Users: ML Engineer, LINE end-user
  3. ghee-models sklearn at LINE scale Problem – reinventing the wheel

    ML Part • Classification (DNN for Sparse Input) • Recommendation (DNN, GCN) • Evaluations (precision/recall/NDCG/diversity) Engineering Part • Process Gigabytes/Terabytes of Training Data in parallel • Composite Embedding • Positive/Negative Sampling Methods
  4. Auto Recommendation ML Part Problem: Cold Start Item in Recommendation

    • New Service • New Item (e.g. news article) Solution • User Feature across LINE services • Item Feature (Text + Image) • Challenge: Offline Model Tuning
  5. ML Recommendation (DNN/GCN) User/Item Representation Learning Client Side, Federated Learning

    Engineering Hadoop/YARN/Kubernetes Workflow (Azkaban, airflow, argo) Distributed Computing We are Hiring TL;DR: Solid Computer Science and Machine Learning Experience Let’s learn, build and WOW users together