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Mobile Web Issues: Limitation and Experience

Mobile Web Issues: Limitation and Experience

One of two keynote for me on COSCUP 2013. In this presentation, I would talk about the "mobile" web experience, from browser to packaged app.

Hsiao-Ting Yu

August 03, 2013

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  1. ⾏行動平台與 Web: 與限制和體驗奮戰 笨笨的⼩小B (Littlebtc) COSCUP 2013 / MozTW Community

    Track Slides (C) 2013 Littlebtc , Released under CC-BY-SA-3.0 except otherwise noted.
  2. 那功能上呢? position: fixed 到 iOS 5 與 Android 2.x 才開始慢慢⽀支援

    Android ⻑⾧長期存在會把 Click 拖很久的問題 其他族繁不及備載 另⼀一個問題是,並不是所有⼈人都能更新到最新瀏覽器 (尤其是 Android)
  3. 不同 OS 有不同 Design Fair use. iOS 7 Design (C)

    Apple Inc. Gmail Play Store Preview Image (C) Google Inc.