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Design Portfolio

Liviu Vasilescu
September 15, 2014

Design Portfolio

Liviu Vasilescu

September 15, 2014

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  1. Alchemy Training and Consulting is a company based in Brașov,

    Brașov (ROM) and provides personal and professional development solutions. My task for AT&C was the design of an ebook which one receives after subscribing to their newsletter. Alchemy Training and Consulting — information design
  2. Metrorex is the company that offers subway services in Bucharest

    since the 1970’s. As an experiment and being inspired by Massimo Vignelli’s NY subway map I redesigned our own map. I eliminated the irrelevant elements, shortened the stations’ names and simplified the maps’ geometry. After that, my creative flow took me to the redesign of the acces cards to the subway. Metrorex* — information design logo redesign ! *concept
  3. Steps Business Consulting is a company based in Ploiești, Prahova

    (ROM) which helps people to start their entreprenurial journey and advises startups on how to grow and reach a larger audience. The logo I designed represents not only the visual translation of the company’s name, but also has an ascending approach meant to inspire evolution and development for the clients and SBC itself. Steps Business Consulting — logo design
  4. I am a minimalist designer and I approach every new

    project with fresh eyes and I look for the solution that fits best for that case. I’m a proficient user of the digital tools,
 but all the great results are born on paper. My purpose is developing an unique visual identity and language for every client. Let me help you communicate better. Liviu Vasilescu — designer ! liviuvasilescu.ro [email protected]