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Beyond Coding 2016: Building Your Brand

C627ab03598f1301b9f0dadf8ac69f4c?s=47 Liz Hall
August 19, 2016

Beyond Coding 2016: Building Your Brand

In such a digital world, it’s more important than ever to actively develop your personal brand so that you put your best foot forward in every new professional setting. In this course we'll talk cover letters, networking, interviewing, how to pitch yourself with confidence, and which jobs to consider with your particular skillset. You’ll walk away with a better understanding on what stands out on your LinkedIn profile and how to deliver the best 30-second elevator pitch that shows off your best self.


Liz Hall

August 19, 2016

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  1. Beyond Coding Building Your Brand: Who Are You?

  2. Welcome • Structure: we’re going to do this in the

    think, pair, share, style. We’re going to think about things together, you’re going to pair up in groups, then we’ll share with the larger group. • Please stop me with questions along the way as much as you want, this is meant to be interactive; it’s okay if we get off track a bit. • There is no such thing as a typical student and we all define success differently. The one thing I want to be the same for everyone is a sense of confidence of the skills taught today. Throughout this class ask yourself, “Can I replicate the skills being taught to me right now?” and if the answer is no then that’s on me, not you. Speak up; I’m sure you’re not alone.
  3. Social Start Standing Out • @Trello • #BeyondCodingNYC • @NYCTechTalent

    • @Liz_Hall1
  4. Who Am I ? • VP of People at Trello

    • 11+ years experience scaling companies: hiring, retention, performance management, employee happiness, diversity & inclusion, career growth, and company culture. • Trello: 0 to 100
  5. What is an Elevator Pitch? • An elevator pitch is

    a short summary used to quickly and simply define a profession, product, service, or organization and its value proposition.
  6. What is Trello? • One liner: Trello is the visual

    collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project.
 • Expanded: Trusted by millions, Trello is the visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal and work life in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.
 • Examples of Trello Use: Trello can be used to organize projects at work and at home. For example, companies across the world use Trello for projects related to marketing, web development, sales, project management, and everything in between. At home, people use Trello to plan weddings, organize vacations, manage daily tasks, and keep their lives organized.

  7. Modern Day “Elevator” • LinkedIn • Cover Letters • Interviews

  8. LinkedIn • Your first sentence is your one line pitch.

    • Next few sentences is your extended pitch. • Examples
  9. Cover Letters Job Descriptions:
 • What is the problem the

    company is trying to solve? • How will you solve their problem? • What is your value to a company?
  10. Cover Letters… • Size of company • Audience • Title

    of job • Never lie
  11. Interviews • Research • Listen • Ask questions • Discover

    and define the current problem • Know your audience • Get specific
  12. More Than ‘Developer’ • Developer: Front End, Back End, Internal

    Tools, Growth, iOS, Android, Developer Advocate • Customer Support / Support Engineers, Marketing Growth Data/Analysts, Sales Engineers, Operations, Systems / Site Reliability Engineer, Tester, Product/ Project Manager…