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How DashClicks’ Reputation Management Software Can Help You Protect Your Brand Online?

JohnC Lews
September 28, 2022

How DashClicks’ Reputation Management Software Can Help You Protect Your Brand Online?

Brand reputation is essential for improved trust, brand advocacy, customer retention and more. Through reputation management, a brand can monitor and protect brand's online reputation in reviews, social media, and Google. Fortunately, to make the task easier, DashClicks has launched its reputation management software which enables you to win more customers by managing your customer reviews across multiple sources from one dashboard. This presentation will show you how the DashClicks reputation platform works and how it is useful for your brand's online success.

JohnC Lews

September 28, 2022

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  1. How DashClicks’ Reputation Management Software Can Help You Protect Your

    Brand Online
  2. Manage Your Reviews The app compiles all your business reviews

    and brings them to a single dashboard so that you can seamlessly manage them. Manage Your Review Page The app lets you share your public review page with customers around the world, bringing in more reviews and feedback. Reputation Reporting You can track your average rating, best review sources, and peak performance months at all times with DashClicks’ reporting dashboard. Reply to Reviews From the Same Dashboard DashClicks’ dashboard allows you to communicate with customers from every review source. Invite Customers to Leave Review With the app, you can invite customers to leave business reviews by sending emails and SMS messages. Currently, DashClicks deals with Google My Business reviews and Facebook reviews. Here’s how the app works: How Does DashClicks’ Reputation Management App Work?
  3. How to Access the Reputation App? Open the app drawer

    on the top right corner in your DashClicks Dashboard. Click on the Reputation app. 1. 2. How to Navigate the Reputation App? Open the Reputation App. You will see a tab called “My Reviews.” Add your first review source after the prompt. You can now see your reviews. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. The reviews will be in chronological order with this information:

    The profile picture of the person Name The date of the review The actual review Your reply, if any * The usernames or profile pictures for any of the reviews on Facebook will not be shown owing to Facebook’s Privacy Policy.
  5. Use the filter “Needs Response” to locate reviews that you

    need to reply to. Use the text “Pending Response” to spot reviews that haven’t received a response yet. Flag reviews as positive/negative within the reputation app. Sort your reviews by star ratings, like/dislike, or by the review source. You can also view a review on their respective website . You have the option to copy the review link as well. How to Reply to a Review? Write your reply in the empty box. Press “Reply.” Your reply will get posted to the platform. 1. 2. 3. How to Manage Reviews?
  6. Get The App Today Manage your reviews across multiple sources

    from one dashboard and win more customers. www.dashclicks.com