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The Spirit of the Magna Carta

The Spirit of the Magna Carta

A short presentation detailing the proposed Windsor & Eton / LAB collaboration beer.


London Amateur Brewers

April 07, 2014


  1. A  few  thoughts  for  ideas  &  inspira3on  

  2. Famous  in  Britain  and  beyond     •  Signed  on

     the  15th  June  1215  at  Runnymede  making   this  the  800th  Anniversary     •  As  Britain  has  no  wri=en  cons?tu?on,  the  Magna   Carta  is  the  most  important  piece  of  paper*  in  Bri?sh   history   –   *  it’s  not  paper,  dried  and  smoothed  sheepskin,  with  ink   made  from  water,  dust  and  powdered  oak  apple   •  Magna  Carta  has  informed  democra?c  cons?tu?ons   around  the  world  to  this  day.   •  In  America  it  is  even  more  famous  and  venerated  and   seen  as  underpinning  of  US  law  
  3. “The  fundamental  concepts  of  liberty  that  had  their   beginnings

     in  Magna  Carta  were  transplanted  to  the   American  colonies  where  they  were  accepted,  refined,   and  embedded  in  the  instruments  of  government  as   well  as  the  thinking  of  the  American  people.  Magna   Carta  provided  the  basis  for  the  idea  of  a  higher  law,   one  that  could  not  be  altered  either  by  execu?ve   mandate  or  legisla?ve  acts.  This  concept,  embraced   by  the  leaders  of  the  American  Revolu?on,  is   embedded  in  the  supremacy  clause  of  the  United   States  Cons?tu?on.    Throughout  American  history,   the  rights  associated  with  Magna  Carta  have  been   regarded  as  among  the  most  important  guarantees  of   freedom  and  fairness.”   (American  Bar  Associa?on  web  site)  
  4. Misunderstandings  and  Myths     •  It  wasn’t  the  first

     a=empt  to  write  down  or  codify  English  law.   –  Called  the  Magna  Carta  (Great  Charter)  to  differen?ate  it  from  earlier   Royal  charters   •  It  was  meant  to  be  a  peace  treaty  between  the  King  and  the   Barons  (and  London)     –  It  failed  as  in  less  than  a  year  there  was  effec?vely  a  civil  war  in   England   –  Runnymede  chosen  as  it  was  halfway  between  Windsor  &  London   •  King  John  never  signed  it  –  it  was  sealed  with  beeswax   •  Nobody  knows  who  wrote  out  the  originals   •  No  one  ‘original’,  as  over  40  copies  were  sealed  and  sent   round  the  kingdom   •  It  wasn’t  seen  as  important  at  first   –  Agreement  lasted  9  weeks  before  King  John  and  the  Pope  rejected  
  5. Numbers   •  800  years  old   •  3  ½

     of  the  original  63  clauses  remain  in  English  law   •  4  of  the  1215  Cartas  exist  –  Bri?sh  Library,  London;  Bodleian   Library,  Oxford;  Canberra,  Australia  and  Washington,  USA   •  23  other  issues  from  later  versions  are  held  around  the  world   •  Magna  Carta  was  updated    5  ?mes     •  In  1216,  1217,  1225,  1297  and  1300  (like  telephone  directories,  people  threw   old  ones  out  when  new  one  appeared!)   •  25  Barons  were  chosen  to  hold  the  king  to  account  and  make   sure  he  kept  his  side  of  the  treaty  
  6. Magna  Carta  today   •  Windsor  &  Eton  Brewery  has

     secured  rights  to  use  the  name   Magna  Carta  for  beers   •  Year  long  celebra?ons  will  start  later  in  2014   •  Runnymede  memorial  was  a  gii  from  the  American  Bar   Associa?on     •  Coffee  table  book  to  be  published  later  this  year  ‘Magna  Carta   –  the  founda?on  of  freedom  1215-­‐  2015’     •  Last  month  the  inventor  of  the  world  wide  web  said  an  online   "Magna  Carta"  is  needed  to  protect  and  enshrine  the   independence  of  the  medium  he  created  and  the  rights  of  its   users  worldwide.   Now  we  want  your  help  to  create  a  beer  to  live   up  to  the  spirit  of  the  Magna  Carta  
  7. Windsor  and  Eton’s  objec3ves     •  To  maximise  the

     marke?ng/PR  opportunity  of  this   unique  event.     •  Bo=le  version  to  be  available  this  August  so  as  to  hit   the  ground  running.  Opportunity  for  export  and  UK   na?onal  lis?ng  IF  we  get  going  NOW.     •  Product  ini?ally  available  in  bo=le  –possible  BC  and   Sterile  Filtered.  From  next  June  available  in  Cask/keg   for  a  couple  of  months.   •  Want  to  show  a  “By  the  people-­‐  for  the  people”   approach-­‐  hence  LAB  involvement.  
  8. Overview  of  Project     •  Compe??on  amongst  LAB  to

     produce  a  beer  for   judging  asap.  2nd  June       •  Chosen  recipe  to  be  brewed  collabora?vely  (Saturday   7th  June  IF  can  get  materials)  at  Windsor  and  Eton  for   ini?al  bo=ling.  All  the  LAB  invited  to  take  part.     •  Marke?ng  (labelling/pump-­‐clips)  will  name  Brewer   and  method  used).  However  –  No  royal?es!   •  Ongoing  future  of  product  totally  dependent  (as   always)  on  take-­‐up.  
  9. Timescales     •  Agree  spec  tonight  and  start  brewing

     tomorrow!     •  Assess  /judge  product  on  Monday  2nd  June  and  select   winner.   •  Brew  product  at  Windsor  Saturday  7th  June  or  as  near   to  this  as  possible.     •  Bo=le  product  to  be  available  from  beginning  August   for  showing  to  Press/UK  customers/Exporters.   •  We  need  to  move  very  fast!  
  10. Style   •  Whilst  the  actual  ?ming  of  event  is

     June  we  want  this  to   be  a  special  beer  that  people  savour  and  even  age.   •  BJCP  guidelines  for  both  Old  Ale/English  Barley  Wine.   •  ABV  range  therefore  is  6-­‐12%  but  this  must  be   marketable  so  I  suggest  most  likely  6.5-­‐  7.4%.  N.B.  we  will   consider  higher  strength  beers  but  excessive  duty  make   very  difficult  commercially.   •  Do  be  inven?ve-­‐  whilst  these  are  tradi?onal  categories   don’t  mind  a  ‘twist’  but  again  must  be  marketable.  Think   US  and  W&E  as  well  –  more  hops?  “Ancient”  herbal   addi?ons?  However  must  be  very  drinkable  firt  and   foremost.   •  Plenty  of  scope  –  we  have  a  clean  sheet  on  what  the  beer   should  taste  like.   •  Good  luck!