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The importance of why in DevOps community

The importance of why in DevOps community

Why do we need DevOps? Why do we need to ask ourselves this question?


Boris Feld

April 14, 2015


  1. WHY? DevOps days 2015 - Paris Boris FELD - tinyclues

  2. Typical presentations

  3. Too much about HOW?

  4. Or WHATtool? process? practice?

  5. WHY do we DevOps?

  6. WHY why?

  7. « Bad Devops »

  8. DevOps Teams

  9. > SysAdmin DevOps

  10. Dev will replace SysAdmin

  11. DevOps certification

  12. About ME • Python Dev • DevOps • @lothiraldan

  13. Experience BullShit Free

  14. 2 startups B2B Successful

  15. ONE difference

  16. IT Vision

  17. DevOps is not mandatory

  18. WHY CAMS?

  19. Automation Easy

  20. Continuous integration? deployment?

  21. as code? Configuration Infrastructure

  22. To err is human

  23. Human hand is precious

  24. Stress-reducer

  25. Make itStronger Faster Safer

  26. Less time on boring stuff

  27. Measurement Easy

  28. metrics? Servers Applications Deployment

  29. To learn …

  30. To validate our hypotheses

  31. Measure delivered value

  32. Less time on searching data

  33. Sharing Required

  34. Everything is automated ✓

  35. LOTS of metrics! ✓

  36. So why sharing?

  37. Example?

  38. French rail new trains…

  39. Master the assembly line

  40. Common goal with agility

  41. Vertical integration

  42. All in the same boat!

  43. Reduce communication time

  44. Culture Mandatory


  46. Overcome fear!

  47. Restore trust

  48. NO NoOps

  49. Beat Unpredictability

  50. Burn the silos!

  51. Crush the castles!

  52. Less time fighting

  53. See the pattern?

  54. Time is the most valuable asset

  55. - The Lean Startup « Our civilization’s most precious resource:

    the time, passion and skill of its people »
  56. You are a Time Saver!

  57. You are the Time guardian!

  58. You are a Time Lord!

  59. Why save Time?

  60. Focus on Value!

  61. - Continuous Delivery « Software delivers no revenue until it

    is in the hands of its users »
  62. - First principle of Agile Manifesto « Our highest priority

    is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software »
  63. DevOps Lean Agile Efficiency

  64. DevOps and Agile try to optimize locally the production line

  65. Lean try to optimize the whole production line

  66. The Lean and Agile Mindset - Yves Hanoulle and Oana

    Juncu 2011 « Most of the books and presentations on agile, are about how do we do this or that. That is focusing on HOW. Most people come to me with HOW questions. Yet the solution to their problems is usually in their answers of why they come to me. This presentation is about the why. Why do we do agile. »
  67. Why these questions?

  68. Automation is not only about deployment

  69. Measurement is not only about production

  70. Sharing is not only about software

  71. Culture is not only about IT

  72. DevOps is more about how people work together than technology

  73. DevOps is not mandatory

  74. If you can live in the past…

  75. And your customers…

  76. And your competitors!

  77. Thank you