Saltpad: A saltstack Web GUI

410e3353165c33043ab69be7fc366428?s=47 Boris Feld
February 02, 2016

Saltpad: A saltstack Web GUI

Presentation of SaltPad, a modern web User Interface for Saltstack. Saltstack is a great configuration management tool, but not very accessible for newcomers and non "Configuration Management" experts. SaltPad aims to fill the gap by offering a clean, simple interface to manage the different aspects of Salt, making it ​easier​ to start​ with SaltStack and ​manage​ your SaltStack cluster day after day. If offers a nice reporting view for jobs, especially for highstate jobs; ​helps​ you ​launch​ jobs and define predefined jobs, that can be launched with a single button; and finally, a dashboard for a global ​view​ of your cluster. SaltPad is a great tool to help empower people to be autonomous on deployment and have visibility on the stack and deployment formulas. At first developed​ with a classical Python Stack, SaltPad has been rewritten as a Single App Page with React. Its combination with the websocket interface of salt-api, simplifies​ the implementation and adds the niceties of a reactive interface.


Boris Feld

February 02, 2016