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Tool Time with John

John Vincent
February 16, 2012

Tool Time with John

Presentation at Atlanta Puppet User's Group

John Vincent

February 16, 2012

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  1. Tool Time with John!
    SE Puppet Users Group

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  2. Everyone needs a tool belt

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  3. Why?

    To fix things

    To make things

    To keep your pants up

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  4. Caveats

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  5. There are tools

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  6. There are the right tools for a given job

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  7. Then there's “butterknifing a phillips head”

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  8. Fixing Things

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  9. Logging is Broken(ish)

    Commercial options are expensive

    Syslog isn't flexible enough

    Log lines are just data points with a timestamp

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  10. Enter Logstash

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  11. Logstash

    Unix pipe on steroids

    If it has a timestamp, send it to Logstash

    Slice it, Dice it, Munge it, Transform it

    Now spit it out

    This isn't a Logstash talk.

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  12. Simple Sample Configuration

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  13. More complex (inputs)

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  14. More complex (filters)

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  15. More complex (outputs)

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  16. 12 inputs, 11 filters, 21 outputs

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  17. Building stuff

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  18. Build something

    Sockets the way you
    think sockets should

    Usable from almost
    every language

    Flow independent

    Captures common

    Freaking fast

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  19. Logstash Filters with ZeroMQ

    You need to do something unique?

    There's not a plugin yet?

    Specific to your company?

    Don't know Ruby?
    Write your own!
    (in whatever language you like)

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  20. Example – Logstash config

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  21. Example – External Filter

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  22. End Result

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  23. (don't get caught with your)
    Pants on the Ground

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  24. Statsd

    Open sourced by Etsy
    last year

    Simple UDP proxy to

    Different “data types”

    Client and Server
    implementations in
    almost every language

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  25. Graphite

    Open sourced by Orbitz

    Makes pretty pictures of

    Does dashboards

    Simple API

    Does realtime updates

    Alternate dashboards
    available and easy to

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  26. Logstash Configuration

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  27. End Result

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  28. Recap

    Always be adding tools to your toolbelt

    See a cool project? Bookmark it

    Evernote/Read it Later are your friends

    Always be hacking. Keep your skills fresh.

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  29. Links!

    Logstash – http://logstash.net

    ZeroMQ – http://zeromq.org

    Statsd – http://github.com/etsy/statsd

    Graphite – http://graphite.wikidot.com

    Evernote – http://evernote.com

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  30. Thanks!

    Twitter - @lusis

    Github – lusis

    Email –
    [email protected]

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