AI for All

AI for All

Getting Involved with Revolutionary Tech

What is AI, and why should I care?! Even if I did... how would I get involved? Let me show you!

Download the PDF for clickable links, and a link to a fun AI demonstration video by Google.


Katy Ereira

October 11, 2018


  1. @maccath | Katy Ereira AI for All Getting Involved with

    Revolutionary Tech
  2. @maccath | Katy Ereira Who am I? • Katy Ereira

    @maccath • Senior software engineer consultant • Computer science graduate with an artificial intelligence specialism • Worked with NLP, ML and automation primarily within the cultural sector
  3. @maccath | Katy Ereira What is ‘AI’?

  4. @maccath | Katy Ereira the theory and development of computer

    systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. “
  5. @maccath | Katy Ereira Why should I care?

  6. @maccath | Katy Ereira 85% of Americans use AI-powered services/devices
  7. @maccath | Katy Ereira 37% projected increase in labour productivity

    with adoption of AI technologies. up to
  8. @maccath | Katy Ereira 46% of US adults use voice

    assistants to interact with electronic devices /
  9. @maccath | Katy Ereira 72m jobs are likely to be

    displaced by adoption of AI technologies globally
  10. @maccath | Katy Ereira 133m jobs are likely to be

    created by adoption of AI technologies globally
  11. @maccath | Katy Ereira What’s does that mean in reality?

  12. @maccath | Katy Ereira AI is able to... • Automate

    repetitive tasks • Mimic human behaviour • Interpret speech/language • Analyse visual information • See patterns in data • Make accurate predictions • Play games, and win!
  13. @maccath | Katy Ereira

  14. @maccath | Katy Ereira Ok, scary...

  15. @maccath | Katy Ereira

  16. @maccath | Katy Ereira What should I do?

  17. @maccath | Katy Ereira Learn about AI • Understand what

    AI is able to do, and where it lurks. • Learn about the theory and principles behind the technology. • Take up opportunities for education; find a mentor. • Keep abreast of advancements; read the news - good and bad.
  18. @maccath | Katy Ereira Develop an AI strategy • Determine

    how AI can support your business plan; don’t alter your business plan to support AI! • Commit to recruiting and retaining talent, and invest in education and training. • Consider the resources required to train any AI after implementation. gy-44705c588e62
  19. @maccath | Katy Ereira Encourage involvement • Become a mentor.

    • Provide educational opportunities. • Support AI literacy and diversity initiatives. • Engage with communities. • Share your knowledge and experience.
  20. @maccath | Katy Ereira Have fun! • Experiment! •

    Play games! • Simplify your life! • Wrangle some data!
  21. @maccath | Katy Ereira Thank you!