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Developer Tools

6ad76bc77bb3205732ce31c3d2d25b29?s=47 mahata
February 16, 2017

Developer Tools

Slides used for a casual tech talk.



February 16, 2017

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  1. Developer Tools Tech Talk - 2017, Feb.15 (Yasu)

  2. Agenda • Zsh • terminal-notifier • (cow)say • tmux •

    peco • nohup • (random natural language learning tips)
  3. CLI

  4. Shell • Why don’t you use Zsh? ◦ It’s a

    superset of Bash ◦ Bash ⊂ Zsh ◦ Run `chsh` now! Now!
  5. What Zsh can do well • Autocomplete ◦ e.g. Push

    tab where there’s “./configure” • Better cursor operation ◦ e.g. Push tab in “/etc” ◦ e.g. Push tab after “cd -” • Better serve as your 2nd memory ◦ e.g. Push tab after “git ” ◦ e.g. Push tab after “/u/lo/b”
  6. Yeah, but I heard Zsh is hard to customize... •

    That’s partly true - oh-my-zsh to the rescue!
  7. Demo: Zsh

  8. terminal-notifier • CUI tool to operate “Notification Center” • Run:

    `brew install terminal-notifier` ◦ e.g. `sleep 5 && terminal-notifier -message “done.”`
  9. Demo: terminal-notifier

  10. say - sierra # MSG="Orb gives businesses and communities the

    power to create their own personalized digital currency and private payment network." # say $MSG # say -v '?'
  11. say - sierra # MSG_JA="オーブを使うことで、ビジネスオー ナーや地域社会の誰もが、独自の仮想通貨と支払 いネットワークを構築することができます。" # say -v

    Kyoko $MSG_JA
  12. cowsay # brew install cowsay # cowsay $MSG_JA

  13. Demo: (cow)say

  14. tmux • tmux lets you switch easily between several programs

    in one terminal, detach them (they keep running in the background) and reattach them to a different terminal.
  15. Demo: tmux

  16. Yeah, but tmux seems hard to customize... I’d rather stick

    to normal shell... • Wait! There’s a package manager for it! TPM! $ cat ~/.tmux.conf set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tpm' set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-sensible' set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect'
  17. peco • Why are you still using `grep`? It’s 21st

    century already...
  18. Demo: peco

  19. ag • Why are you still using `grep` and/or `ack`?

    It’s 2017 already...
  20. Demo: ag

  21. nohup • Are you still annoyed by SIGHUP? • Why

    don’t you use `nohup` when you don’t want to quit a process when logging out from $SHELL?
  22. Demo: nohup

  23. (Natural) Languages

  24. To succeed at Orb... • You need to have 2

    things at least…: ◦ 1. Superb technical expertise ◦ 2. “Good enough” Japanese/English skills • Why don’t you learn Japanese/English skills with your technical expertise - I mean, using software!
  25. Dictionary • If you’re a Mac user… ◦ Dictionary.app is

    your friend ◦ (Trigger the app with Spotlight!) • If you’re using Google Chrome… ◦ Google Dictionary is super helpful
  26. Dictionary apps are great, but I keep forgetting what I’ve

    looked up... • Yeah, that’s very normal. You’ll need to keep refreshing your memory. Anki is great for the sake.
  27. Demo: anki (desktop)

  28. Very cool! I guess I can increase my vocabularies! But

    how can I improve my listening ability? • Audio books, such as Audible or febe are very handy. Read & listen books at the same time!
  29. Hmm, I don’t feel like buying books. I want to

    save money! • Ah, ok… How about trying out podcasts with transcripts? I recommend: ◦ Security Now ◦ (only old episodes) Talk Python to Me
  30. Oh, no. I want to learn things *in* Japanese/English. I’m

    not interested in learning Japanese/English itself. • K boy. Learn whatever you like with (J)MOOC! ◦ [Japanese] JMOOC ◦ [English] Coursera, Udacity, edX
  31. Demo (or brag): MOOC