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Introduction to Docker

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April 15, 2016

Introduction to Docker



April 15, 2016

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  1. Intro to

  2. What is Docker? • Software to manage Linux containers

  3. What is Linux containers? • (Sort of) VMs: – Segregated

    environment – Computing resource isolation – Deployable unit – Clonable
  4. How containers are different from VMs? • Lighter than VMs

    – Work with smaller memory – Lightning Fast to spin up
  5. Super impressive! … Any drawbacks? • Ah… yes… sadly… –

    Doesn't work natively on Mac or Windows – Need some strategy to keep its data
  6. Hmm… then Docker containers are useless? • No no! Don't

    rush! – “-v /path/to/mount” option is your friend - EBS and S3 too!
  7. Awesome!How can I get started? • Just follow the official

  8. Demo 1.Run Ubuntu Container 2.Make changes & commit 3.Push it

    to Docker Registry 4.Check it on
  9. Nice! But I'd prefer private images… • Yeah yeah. You

    have 2 options to chose from: 1.Pay Docker to get private repos 2.Create Private Registry itself
  10. AWS Example

  11. What I haven't talked • Dockerfile • Docker Compose •

    Orchestration • Etc...
  12. Questions?