Doing SecOps for the Cloud using CloudNative

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September 28, 2019

Doing SecOps for the Cloud using CloudNative

SecOps or Security Operations is changing enterprise IT the same way how DevOps
transformed enterprise Dev. The complexity of operations is ever increasing and with the advent and extensive usage of Public Cloud the risk is ever greater.

We need to gear up for this world and a workable approach is to tackle this new world with the same enthusiasm as developers have taken up.

By leveraging Cloud Native Services such as Serverless (Cloud functions, Lambda), Container run-times (Docker) and Container schedulers (Kubernetes) we can bring in near real time detection and blocking of security attacks, analyse incidents and even do remediation of potential security holes before they become a problem.

During this talk and demo we will cover two live demonstrations of this approach and use the demonstrations to expand on the following

1. Demo – Automated Response against public S3 buckets
2. Define SecOps for our use case
3. Case Study – Automated Response to stolen AWS keys
4. Elaborate on what is Cloud Native
5. List advantages of embracing cloud native for SecOps



September 28, 2019