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On Writing Well

Akash Mahajan
September 05, 2020

On Writing Well

5 simple rules for writing I use for blogging and writing for an online audience.
Based on my personal experience.

Akash Mahajan

September 05, 2020

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  1. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 2 Akash Mahajan • @makash –

    my twitter • akashm.com – my website • securitypost.in – group blog • Author of 2 technical books
  2. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 3 5 simple rules for writing

    well 1.Write the way you speak 2.Write keeping someone in mind 3.Write in active voice 4.Use simple words 5.Use short sentences
  3. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 4 Write the way you speak

    Make sure you are true to your thoughts and not writing to impress some others
  4. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 5 Write keeping someone in mind

    This will ensure that you speak to that person instead of getting confused about who your audience is
  5. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 6 Write in active voice Difference

    between – “Akash is writing a blog post” instead of “A blog post will be written by Akash”
  6. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 7 Use simple words Difference between

    - “Use simple words” instead of “Inculcate simplicity in your prose”
  7. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 8 Use short sentences Convey 1

    point per sentence. If you use conjunctions you will end up writing long sentences because they allow you to join multiple short sentences and potentially confuse your readers.
  8. 4 Sep 2020 @makash 9 Final thing to remember I

    am not an expert on writing. If writing a certain way allows you to express your thoughts and you find an audience, you are all set