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Makers Boot Camp

Makers Boot Camp

Monozukuri Hub Meetups vol.8_7.Nov.2016
Speaker: Sasaki Sabrina


November 07, 2016

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  1. Sponsored by Kyoto City

  2. High quality and reliable technology

  3. Ancient capital: traditional industry & craftsmanship

  4. Kenshin: One of our Co-Founders, Serial-Entrepreneur

  5. Design For Manufacturing: a.k.a. the “valley of death” for Hardware

  6. KSN: +100 Prototype Experts focused on small lot (DFM)

  7. crossEffect Design Team: Resin Experts

  8. Hilltop - Foo’s Lab Team: Aluminium Experts

  9. Hacarus: Smart kitchen-scale 100% Made in Japan

  10. Issues beyond DFM - selecting manufacturers is just one point

  11. Narimasa Makino CEO & Co-Founder Venture Capitalist Masatoshi Takeda Legal

    & Co-Founder crosseffect CEO Kenshin Fujiwara PMO & Co-Founder Serial-Entrepreneur
  12. Tailored-made support for IoT startups

  13. Some of our global partners

  14. “Smiirl”: Social Media Integrated In Real Life - French Startup

    Mathieu Le Pessec | Product Development
  15. KSN Experts in our Meetups

  16. One-to-one support: mentors meet startups

  17. Monozukuri Boot Camp: co-hort from NYC to Kyoto

  18. Demo session about NYC smart apparel @MTRL Kyoto

  19. Thank you! ͋Γ͕ͱ͏͍͟͝·͢ Obrigada! Sabrina Sasaki sabrina@makersboot.camp