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Ember Simple Auth 1.0

Ember Simple Auth 1.0

Ember Simple Auth 1.0 will sonn be releases - this talk shows the new API and changed concepts


Marco Otte-Witte

September 15, 2015


  1. Ember Simple Auth 1.0

  2. Marco Otte-Witte http://simplabs.com

  3. we do

  4. (and yes, of course we're searching for great devs)

  5. Ember Simple Auth 1.0

  6. Ember 2.0 compatibility

  7. it's finally here

  8. it's finally here (…almost)

  9. not released yet, but public API is stable in the

    jj-abrams branch https://github.com/simplabs/ember-simple-auth/tree/jj-abrams
  10. Documentation isn't ready yet

  11. go ahead and use it from the jj-abrams branch; see

    the dummy app for reference https://github.com/simplabs/ember-simple-auth/tree/jj-abrams/tests/dummy
  12. Ember Simple Auth recap

  13. 4 main Building Blocks

  14. the Session …main interface to authentication state and authentication data

  15. the Session Store …persists the session and synchronizes state between

    tabs and windows
  16. Authenticators …authenticate and invalidate the session; implement concrete mechanisms like

    OAuth 2.0, Facebook (torii) etc.
  17. Authorizers …use the session data to authorize outgoing requests, e.g.

    by injecting an Authorization header
  18. What changes in 1.0?

  19. compatibility with Ember 2.0

  20. only one Ember CLI Addon that includes everything //package.json

  21. the session is now a service session: Ember.inject.service()

  22. no more auto-authorization

  23. Cleanup of public API

  24. Demo

  25. None
  26. Contribute

  27. use Ember Simple Auth 1.0 from the jj-abrams branch and

    report bugs
  28. help finish the docs

  29. write blog posts, help people on stackoverflow

  30. Q&A

  31. Thanks