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Presentatie tmnl

Marketing OGZ
September 15, 2023

Presentatie tmnl

Marketing OGZ

September 15, 2023


  1. Solution Feature Generator Library (FGL) Collaboration § Quality § Single

    source of truth Reusability § Iteration / development speed § Consistency PoC and PROD § Re-usable code + documentation Efficient computation A python package containing well defined, reusable and tested features Managed dependencies between features Automated generation of documentation and diagrams What is it? Benefits
  2. Comparison FGL vs Feature Store FGL Feature Store Stores the

    logic to generate features Stores the features Computation on demand Frequently triggered updates Computes only what is needed Precomputes all the features Retrieval is slow Retrieval is fast Easier to introduce Increases complexity of the platform No storage costs involved Storage costs are needed
  3. Code Walkthroughs Usage of the FGL Client_id avg_nr_of_items avg_nr_of_items__ max_per_city

    avg_nr_of_items__ compared_to_city_max city client_1 3 3 1.0 Utrecht client_2 2 3 0.66 Utrecht
  4. Learnings Some of the lessons we learnt Thorough documentation makes

    it easier to collaborate Invest if you want to scale to more features/models (so no custom feature pipelines) Don’t start with a Feature Store but start simple and upgrade when needed Think about who is going to own and maintain the code. Communicate the value clearly to users and contributors to avoid shelfware