InspiringCon14: ElePHPants on speed: Running TYPO3 Flow on HipHop VM

InspiringCon14: ElePHPants on speed: Running TYPO3 Flow on HipHop VM

License: CC BY-SA

The rise of increasingly complex PHP frameworks and applications in the past few years has also changed the requirements that are put on the performance of the PHP interpreter itself – a field in which PHP as an interpreted language has always had a conceptual disadvantage in comparison to compiled languages.

A common approach to optimize the performance of PHP applications is the use of opcode caches like APC or OpCache, which cache the interpreter-generated byte code. A different solution is provided by HipHop VM, which implements a just-in-time compiler that translates PHP code into native machine code.

This talk aims at exploring if and how the current state of HHVM can be used to run TYPO3 Flow applications like TYPO3 Neos, what limitations need to be considered and what performance gains can be achieved in comparison to the traditional Zend Engine in conjunction with various opcode caches.


Martin Helmich

March 28, 2014