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Software Craftsmanship Applied at Pluralsight

Software Craftsmanship Applied at Pluralsight


Matt Baker

March 14, 2017


  1. Applied at Pluralsight Matt Baker SOFTWARE CRAFTSMANSHIP

  2. What is Software Craftsmanship

  3. What does Software Craftsmanship mean at Pluralsight?

  4. None
  5. Professionalism Professionalism

  6. Learning Learning

  7. What value does it bring to Pluralsight?

  8. Identity

  9. Bourne Identity

  10. Ok, ok….. Identity You guys weren’t Bourne yesterday

  11. None
  12. Identity

  13. Stability and sustainability

  14. Focus on adding value

  15. Bonus: No QA!

  16. What is a good developer?

  17. Focusing on the customer

  18. Humility

  19. Collaborator

  20. What is a good development organization?

  21. Focus on business needs

  22. Iterating and improving

  23. Autonomy, trust and accountability

  24. Elitism and combatting it.

  25. A set of aspirations that unite us across teams, geographies,

    tech stacks and philosophies.
  26. None
  27. Software Craftsmanship resources?

  28. Questions?