Deep Talk: Stars, Planets and the Powerful Play

Deep Talk: Stars, Planets and the Powerful Play

Looking up to the night sky triggers a flood of feelings often difficult to describe with words. Almost every woman and every man who ever walked this planet lost themselves, at some point, in the infinite loop of self-awareness provided by the starry black mirror of the night. But humanity didn't just passively stand in awe. Building on what it learned on the surface of its planet, humankind went searching for answers using the tools of science and technology.
In the last hundred years, this search disclosed a new view of the cosmos. We now know the night sky is just a porthole to the immense ocean of space and time that is the Universe.
We sail on a tiny planet surrounding a common star, our Sun, that is only one out of billions of stars just in our own Galaxy. By answering the question "What makes stars shine?" we also found out where the bricks of life come from, and we are now ready to tackle the next big question: "Are we the only audience of this powerful play?"

Links to the movies:
- Crab Supernova Explosion
- Zooming into The Large Magellanic Cloud
- Zooming into the Pillars of Creation


Matteo Cantiello

June 29, 2017