Automating EE Bootstrapping and Deployment

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February 20, 2013

Automating EE Bootstrapping and Deployment

EE PDX - 2/20/2013



February 20, 2013


  1. AUTOMATING EE Bootstrapping and Deployment ExpressionEngine PDX / February 20,

  2. Matt Fordham Principal & Technical Director / @mattfordham

  3. “A good developer is a lazy developer.” – Some lazy

  4. Automated Development CSS Frameworks Javascript Libraries CSS and JS Preprocessors

    Add-ons (plug-ins, extensions) Text editors (snippets, commands, etc)
  5. Project Bootstrapping The process of quickly getting a new project

    started with minimal setup and repetition.
  6. Bootstrapping EE: things to automate Creating a new database Installing

    ExpressionEngine Setting up file structure Creating CSS and JS skeleton Configuring EE (prefs, user groups, etc) Installing the usual add-ons Initializing and pushing to Git repo
  7. The Template Repo A Git repo containing an already configured

    copy of ExpressionEngine, including a database dump.
  8. Strap

  9. Project Deployment The process of copying project files to a

    server and configuring the files to run on the server.
  10. Capistrano

  11. Some Useful Links

  12. Thanks :) @mattfordham