Pixelnest - Steredenn (PMG EIGD 2014)

16824b772b0de481048363700d96c0db?s=47 Matthieu Oger
November 28, 2014

Pixelnest - Steredenn (PMG EIGD 2014)

Presentation of Steredenn at Pitch My Game.

"Steredenn? It's beau!"

By Matthieu Oger (@solarsailer - https://matthieuoger.com/), co-founder of Pixelnest Studio, during the "Pitch My Game" session at the EIGD 2014 in Paris.


Steredenn: http://steredenn.pixelnest.io/
Pixelnest: @pixelnest - http://pixelnest.io/


Matthieu Oger

November 28, 2014