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What is DevOps and why should I care?

November 01, 2014

What is DevOps and why should I care?

Why should you care about devops? Then, how to not mess it up once you do care.


November 01, 2014

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  1. About Me • Programmer (Ruby on Rails), DBA, CTO •

    Consultant • Founder • CTO RailsMachine.com / ReactiveOps
  2. YES

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  4. Matt Rogish “DevOps is a philosophical and cultural movement to

    transform Ops from a Cost Center to a Profit Center, acting as a force-multiplier for Product Development.”
  5. The New Ops Role • Provide tools and support to

    developers • Ops Trinity Evangelists • Infrastructure Experts
  6. Tools and Support • Graphing, Logging, Display • Continuous Integration

 Deployment • Feature Flags, Reporting • Automation
  7. Starting Out • Create slack time for important improvement projects

    • Keep batch sizes small and the planning horizon short (e.g., weeks, not months) • Keep prioritizing higher “the system of work” over “doing work” • Need Redundancy to Avoid Burnout
  8. Stuff to do while small • Lean All The Things

    • Automation in the Small • Make Informed Tradeoffs
  9. While growing • Increase Test Confidence • Automate All The

    Things • Continuous Product
  10. At Scale • Dedicated Ops Teams 
 or Outsource •

    Flexible Infrastructure • Lean UX, Lean DevOps 
 -> Lean Product