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Rules vs Examples (BDDX London 2014)

December 05, 2014

Rules vs Examples (BDDX London 2014)


December 05, 2014

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  1. Stories, Rules and Examples @mattwynne | BDDX 2014 London

  2. Rules vs Examples AKA, The Passwords Game

  3. Form teams • Need an even number of teams •

    2-4 people per team
  4. In order to prevent passwords from being guessed, Users must

    be forced to create strong passwords
  5. Create 3 rules • In your team, invent 3 rules

    for what makes a valid password • Keep the rules secret from the other teams • Be imaginative, and have a bit of fun • Examples: "It must have an @ in it" "It must not be the name of a fruit"
  6. Create 3 examples • Create 3 examples that illustrate your

    rules. • Scribble each one on a post-it note • Examples: "@pple" => valid "apple" => invalid "[email protected]" => valid
  7. Guess the rules! • Pass your examples to another team.

    • Let them try to work out what your rules might be.
  8. Clarify with examples • As a guessing team, you can

    create new examples and ask them to be checked by the team whose rules you're trying to guess. • One example at a time. • How many examples will it take to guess the rules correctly?
  9. So...

  10. What was missing?

  11. Complete the following sentences • Examples are better than rules

    because… • Rules are better than examples because… • Examples without rules are like… • Rules without examples are like…
  12. We need rules and examples

  13. Use examples to illustrate the rules

  14. User Story Rules / Acceptance Criteria Examples Describe each of

    these in your own words