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Example Mapping

December 05, 2014

Example Mapping


December 05, 2014

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  1. What are the outputs from a three amigos meeting? -

    scenarios / examples (obvious answer) - refined rules / acceptance criteria / conditions of satisfaction - new / split stories - common understanding of domain - empathy
  2. Colin bought a kettle from us last week. When he

    got home he realised the colour didn’t match his kitchen cabinets, and he really didn’t like it. He’s brought it back to the store for a refund. He walks up to Sally, a junior sales assistant, and asks her to process the refund.
  3. In order to satisfy customers’ statutory rights As a sales

    assistant I need to be able to process refunds Story
  4. Any item can be returned within 14 days as long

    as the customer has a receipt. Rule
  5. Process Refunds Customer must have receipt Customer has receipt, and

    is within limit What if proof of purchase is a bank statement? Question 14 day limit Rule Example Story